Tobruk/3DSK medal group

Tobruk/3DSK medal group

Postby Polski44 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:24 am

For sale !
10 medal group including some badges and paperwork.
List as follows :

Sergeant Jan Matyjasik.

Served :
20 Infantry Regiment 1939
Tobruk (Carpathian Rifle Brigade).
North Africa

39/45 star
Africa star
Italy star
39/45 Defence Medal
Victory medal

Poland restituti (with cert)
Cross of Valour (Palestine type - with Cert)
Cross of Merit (Palestine type - with Cert)
War Medal (Palestine type - with Cert)
Polish war medal.

Gunwald (with cert)

3 DSK breast badge cert.
Poland unused shoulder titles.
39/45 star and Africa medal ribbon bar with “8” for 8th army participation.
8th Army cloth shield badge.
Part of AB64 (soldiers paybook.)
British MOD war record (English and Polish)
Various paperwork, including photo on certificate on return to Poland in 1947

(Was awarded “Tobruk” badge number 1359 as a corporal in the medics, but badge and cert are NOT present).

Priced £425 GBP plus shipping

(Private message me with any questions or for photo's)


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