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Postby Maciek » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:28 pm

Ktoś wyprzedaje swoją kolekcję:

pegasus helmet 7 3/4 £100

sof smock £90

battledrees (sof i think) badged up airbourne artillery (ra flash ,pegasus and airborne tab) top and trousers £100

toggle rop £20

small pack £20

sof beret £10

no4 de-act great condition stamped england no date £250

1943 dated thermos flask great condition £50 (only 50 as have seen poor 44 dated ones go for 40+ on ebay)

303 bandolier £10

light weight gas mask bag £5

water bottle and skeleton craddle £10

size 7 ammo boots,no laces and no date i think £35

size 7 ammo boots,(repro i was told)slight manafacture defect,tongue a bit short £20

size 8 ammo boots 1953 dated and ill throw in a set of leather laces with these £45

all prices would be plus postage,if i get enough interest ill sell if not i want to keep it pains me to even consider selling

jacyś zainteresowani? ;)
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