Warsaw Uprising

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Warsaw Uprising

Postby DANIEL69 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:56 pm

Because today is the 69 anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, I would like to briefly introduce this event so important for Poles.
Bearing in mind the experience of the East and fears that the fighting in Warsaw will mean the destruction of the city and the loss of civilians, wondered whether the plan include "The Storm", however, the prevailing belief that the battle of Warsaw is not only military but also political, were also taken into account the emotional tension among residents of the capital and hot desire expressed by the soldiers fighting AK (feared uncontrolled start fights) . Finally, the command to start the uprising in Warsaw was released - with the participation of the Government Delegate and President of the Council of National Unity - July 31, when the front of the Red Army reached on the east bank of the Vistula district of Prague. The action, which began on the afternoon of August 1 - under the command of the commander of the Warsaw district of Colonel Antoni Chrusciel ( "Monter") - there were about 23 thousand AK( home army) soldiers, of which only some were armed. However, during the first day of fighting insurgents captured several strategically important objects, and on the days passed, the number of insurgents (including approximately 34 thousand fighting soldiers) was unable to fully dislodge the Germans from the city center, or master the main roads and bridges. 16-thousands German garrison was significantly enhanced (including the troops in fighting partisans) and 5 August, the Germans began to counter-attack with tanks, heavy artillery and air assault. In the first of recaptured districts (Wola) committed a mass slaughter of people, which was repeated several times. The attacking German columns split Warsaw on "insurgent islands", between which was connected by a passage in the cellars and sewers. In these areas the Polish administration took power, appeared in a newspaper, a radio station broadcast ("Lightning") and municipal services.
Expected that the battle will last a few days until the arrival of the Red Army, but before August 8, Stalin - in spite of pleas , including Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, which since July 31 visited Moscow - gave the order to suspend offensive operations in Warsaw. He did not agree even on the landing of Allied planes on Soviet airfields which practically impossible to provide support from the air, as were the next base in southern Italy and England. It was only in mid-September, when the uprising was on the eve of the disaster, it was possible massive dump, but the insurgents took only about 47 tons. Fighting dragged on, the number of victims among the civilian population, lack of food, water and medicines. This situation has not changed red army entrance to the city of Prague, or the - unsuccessful - attempts Polish troops commanded by General Berling . October the 2nd insurgents capitulated. Killed about 150 thousand civilians, most of the city was destroyed (after special German squads destroying the remaining buildings), about 520 thousand residents were expelled from the city. 17 thousand insurgents were captured.

The Warsaw Uprising was the largest battle fought by the Polish army during the Second World War killed 10 thousand. insurgents and seven thousand. Major losses were inflicted to Germans - killed about 10 thousand soldiers went missing about six thousand., the German army lost 300 tanks, guns and armored vehicles.

Establishment did not reach the goals military nor political, but for future generations of Poles became a symbol of courage and determination to fight for independence.

Destroyed streets of Warsaw.jpg
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Re: Warsaw Uprising

Postby brian » Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:50 am

Thank you for posting this Daniel , But I feel The Insurgents should be referred to as Freedom Fighters ! when I was in Warsaw I visited the PKW Museum for Two Days and was very impressed by the lay out and content within , It is a highly rated Museum which I would recommend to any one visiting Warsaw , it took me 2 hours to find it from my hotel as it was not really on the Tourist map! :shock: My thoughts and prayers go to all the Poles who suffered in this uprising but as you quite correctly have pointed out , they will forever be a tribute to Freedom ! and self sacrifice ! let us NEVER forget
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